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Antergos (previously known as Cinnarch) is a Linux distribution based upon Arch Linux. It uses the GNOME 3 desktop environment by default but it can also employ the Cinnamon, MATE, KDE and Xfce desktops.

Antergos was released on July 2012 as Cinnarch and by May 2013 it ranked among the top 30 most popular distributions at DistroWatch. The Galician word Antergos (meaning: ancestors) was chosen “to link the past with the present”.

Initially the project began as Cinnarch and the desktop environment used by this distribution was Cinnamon, a fork of GNOME Shell developed by the Linux Mint team.

In April 2013 the team switched the default desktop environment from Cinnamon to GNOME version 3.6, given the difficulty of keeping Cinnamon in the repositories of a rolling release like Arch Linux. The distribution was renamed to Antergos and released under the new name in May 2013.

Other changes in the default configuration of the system included: Nautilus replacing the Nemo file Manager, GDM replacing MDM (Mint Display Manager) as desktop manager.

Since version 2014.05.26, Antergos partnered with the Numix project to bring Numix-Square icons and an exclusive Numix-Frost theme to the operating system.

On 7 March 2015, an Antergos Minimal ISO was made available, providing only necessary components for the installer to function.

Video with a installation instructions from YouTube

Antergos is a rolling release and utilizes Arch Linux official repositories and the AUR, along with its own software repositories. It’s a Pacman-based distribution with a minimal text-based installer similar to that of Arch Linux.

Package management is via pacman and a GUI front-end, Pamac. Antergos doesn’t come with a default office suite. However, since the earliest Cinnarch release, it has had the “LibreOffice Installer for Arch Linux” which makes it easy to select and download the required LibreOffice components.

The second thing i liked about Arch is, it has its own package manager (Pacman) and a lot of other packages within AUR.


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