Bootable USB disks with Linux

How to start with Linux, learning Linux

So, you need to install Linux, but, and i know this happened to many many people before, you don’t have a portable cdrom drive and/or your laptop/PC doesn’t have one.
Who does!?, it’s 2019!.

You can just as easy create a bootable USB disk, which you can use to install your favorite Linux distro and “as far as i know” , this works with every distro. ( Please correct me if I’m wrong though)

Now make sure you have a descent USB drive (4GB should be more then enough), and run the following code (after you downloaded your favorite distro, from a different PC)

# Let's say i use arch_linux.iso and my usb drive is attached like: /dev/sdd
# Do not use the partition to write to, but the whole disk (NOT ok: /dev/sdd1, OK: /dev/sdd)

$ sudo dd if=/home/marc/Downloads/arch_linux.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=4M status=progress

# Finished? Then you're done, boot your machine from USB and you are ready to install!

Doesn’t get any easier that this, good luck!

O and yes, you also have those gui tools like:

RuFus (Wind*kuch*ows)

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