How to start with Linux, learning Linux


Welcome to Linux!

Hi, and welcome to this site. You’re probably looking for a way to learn about the Linux operating system. Well, then you’ve found a nice place to start. I will cover multiple Linux distributions so you will get an idea which distribution suits your needs. Linux comes in several different distributions, mostly separated by purposes; Servers or Desktops. More info can be found in the distro pages.

What more to expect

I’m also going to post as much as i can about scripting and programming. I’m currently working with PHP and have tried C++ for a while (Fun!). Also it would be nice when you’re reading along my site, and have scripts or other cool/nice/fun code, don’t hesitate and share it with others. I can post it here with credits of course ;). It doesn’t matter which language you use, all “snippets” are welcome !. It would be really fun to learn others using their computer in a different way.